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Everyone is Lying About Their Diet

We all share basic nutritional needs — required amino acids, fatty acids, minerals, and vitamins — but we can ingest and absorb them in different ways. So most diets will work for someone, but some diets work better for most people. I encourage every new weight loss client to try a paleo/primal...


Step-By-Step to Leanness

This is a terrific infographic. Use it to move step-by-step into the fitness level you want. Focus on all three parts: diet, exercise, sleep! The only thing I don’t like here is how they use “carbs” to mean empty carbohydrates, like grains and starches. Carbs include vegetables and fruits, but...

Do More Bodyweight Exercise. Here’s Why.

Safe. Bodyweight exercises are generally safe for any exerciser regardless of experience, age, or fitness level. Many simple bodyweight movements can actually be an effective option for rehabilitation. Burns fat. Bodyweight exercises recruit more muscles and therefore do more work. Convenient. A workout can be completed anywhere, without equipment, in...

A-List Body Secrets with Celeb Trainer Tracy Anderson

A-List Body Secrets with Celeb Trainer Tracy Anderson

They tell us consistency and cardio. Not really secrets, huh? The one they don’t mention here is calories. There you go: get a Gwyneth Paltrow body with the 3 C’s! Shape Magazine Link