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Question – What is the best approach for me to reduce belly fat for good, considering I have knee pain?

Answer – Three things to clarify first: Losing belly fat is about changing your diet and reducing stress. Knee mobility varies a lot, so the solution for activity varies widely. To be successful in the long run you’ll need to educate yourself. Exercise Physical activity and exercise will do little to remove belly fat (subcutaneous fat, the stuff you can pinch). They are important for health in other ways, and they can help with fat loss by reducing visceral fat, making your muscles more insulin sensitive, improving your mood, and reducing hunger (if done for shorter periods at higher intensity)....

Work Out – Metabolic Nightmare

Work Out – Metabolic Nightmare

I like to get feedback immediately after a work out. I’m used to getting 4-5 stars from clients (on a scale of 1-5). I record the feedback and decide how to use or modify the routine in the future. Last night, we had our Tuesday HIIT group, five clients who varied in their fitness levels. I tried the routine posted here. It tanked at 3.5 stars. Why? It was too hard. Booyah! That’s a keeper. That’s why I call it the Metabolic Nightmare. Modify: Okay, so it may be a little taxing on your lower back. In that case, do the...