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The Four Fs of Thanksgiving — Earn Your Pie

Happy Thanksgiving! I’m sure you’re looking forward to family, friends, and food, but there are FOUR F’s to think about this holiday. I hope you have all four: FAMILY, FRIENDS, FOOD…and FITNESS! We had a group work out at 5:30am this Thanksgiving morning. That’s right! We earned our pie for the day. How about you? Try our “Earn Your Pie” work out below. You’ll be glad you did. NMF Strength – EARN YOUR PIE


Question – What would be a good superset with active rest workout for a sedentary man?

Answer – There are various ways to do supersets and differing opinions on what makes a good one. I have a Push-Pull routine I do with clients for a full body work out. The supersets work the same body part but from opposing muscle groups which keeps the blood there for a good pump. (Other ways to do supersets would be to do different body parts to allow complete rest of each part.) Since this is integrated intervals (alternating aerobic/strength) it’s appealing to those who like variety and want the higher heart rate than you normally get in strength training. And...


Split Your Minute for the Perfect HIIT

Simple is what I like. Too often, I run across work outs shared by trainers that have funky moves that require me to learn them before I can get a good work out from them. On the other hand, a simpler work out won’t often let me progress (or modify if I’m not sharp that day). I like to be in charge of my work out on my day, and I hate wasting my time. I want it good every time! HIIT Variety One technique I use a lot with my HIIT groups is a 5-exercise work out varied by time....

Hardcore Four – A Strength Workout for Women

Hardcore Four – A Strength Workout for Women

Now, do what I tell you. Throw your 5 pound rubber-coated lavendar dumbbells away (or use them for paper weights–they belong on a desk not in a gym). Buy a barbell or dumbbells. If you’re local, you can buy a 35# studio set from me. You will need more weight than that soon. Hardcore Four Clean & Press, Deadlift, Front Squat, Chest Press. Use the heaviest weight you can while maintaining good technique and completing 8 reps per set. Aim for 3 sets but start with 1. The following PDF has a trackable complete workout with warm up and cool...