That One Girl Who Treats You Badly

You know the one. Every time you see her, you want to be with her. You love your time together, and brief as it is, she just wrecks you. But after a day or two, you realize how badly she treats you.

cindy crossfit wod work out fitness personal training coralvilleOh, everyone has a love/hate relationship with Fran. You know, she’s the town bicycle, amiright? And Diane is the one I want to show off to everyone the day I bag her. But for now, my girl is Cindy. She’s simple, unassuming, vital. You think she’s going to be easy, but her nature sneaks up on you, and she becomes a mental challenge as much as a physical challenge. I’m still reeling from our last day together.

It’s our anniversary, you see.

Six months at my new box, and my love affair with CrossFit is not waning. Nor is my love for Cindy. We did her for the second time in six months on Wednesday and it’s Friday and I still have trouble lifting my arms. She’s that good. Or bad. That’s the trouble with CF. Maybe I should say joy. There is no mastering the girl in this world. There is only more work, more intensity. I remember many of my times with Cindy over the years, and I can tell you my performance has improved tremendously. She probably wouldn’t agree, since I’m not performing to her expectations. But I will Rx, and then I’ll turn to improving volume. Maybe then I’ll wow her.

It never ends. That’s why I love this girl so much…despite how badly she treats me.


CINDY – 20 minute AMRAP (see a video and standards)
For 20 minutes perform as many reps as possible in sequence of:

5 pull ups (modify by using a band or jumping pull ups) + Add New Category
10 push ups (modify from knees)
15 air squats

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