The Scoop on Pasta

Research has shown that we tend to eat a specific weight-based quantity of food.

In one study, subjects ate vegetable-and-pasta salad. For one meal the salad was made up of 80% pasta and 20% vegetables. For another, it was the reverse, 80% vegetables and 20 percent pasta. The subjects could eat as much as they wanted. What happened was they ate almost the exact same weight of salad each time. Now think about that! When the salad was 80% pasta, it contained nearly twice the calories as the 20% pasta salad but didn’t satisfy the appetite.

In addition to this, you should also realize that unprocessed, whole foods require more calories just to digest them in your body.

What does that mean? That you’ll eat less calories, be more full, and also use more calories to digest unprocessed whole foods. So dump the pasta and grab the veggies.


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