THEIR Club Must Be YOUR Priority?

A friend told me her story of trying to join one of the box gyms in a local strip mall. When trying to settle on exercise times, she had conflicts with daycare and work hours. The gym rep told her she had to make his club her priority. Really?

    • Does your workout need to be scheduled in place of family time or professional obligations?
    • Does your workout need to be scheduled so that you’re shuttling kids and rushing from one place to another from 5am to 9pm?
    • Does your workout need to be scheduled in such a way that it is a short-term solution and not a sustainable lifestyle change?

We don’t think so. But we’re not a box gym focused on volume business. Only a lifestyle CHANGE, not a three-month class, can can keep you healthy and the rebound weight away.

Our goal at New Moon has always been to help you take charge of your own fitness. We give you the tools to do that for the long-term. We help YOU change your life. We want you to be in charge of your fitness, and we’re here to help get you started through training, education, and referrals to other health & fitness professionals when appropriate.

We provide a variety of services to fit your schedule–private, semi-private, group, online–and an interest in supporting family time by inviting you to bring your kids with you when you train. We have a child-gated area with activities next to our workout floor and available during any workout.

We don’t insist you workout everyday at 5am. We know that schedule is a short-term solution when health requires a long-term change. Our goal is to help you get control of your fitness and we provide the leadership and expertise to design routines for you in the Studio or at home during hours that work for you and your family (day, evening, and weekend).

We remove the intimidation factor that often accompanies walking into a box gym. New Moon is small–we like to say “exclusive”–and we want to keep it that way. Our small groups are not classes of 20+ strangers but 3-5 adults you see regularly.

Your workout with us will be safe and effective because you have a 1-on-1 trainer guiding your workout and your program. We make adjustments as requested or needed and offer a variety of styles, from tubes and Bosu, to free weights, to TRX and boxing.

We know fitness is as much about what you eat as what you do. Through journaling, we can help direct you to better food choices that fit your preferences and budget. We can even provide meal plans or exchanges to make it easy to shop and prepare.

We know you have questions both now and after you’re a client, so we are highly responsive to communication through voice, text, and email.

Don’t let THEM change your priorities. Let US give you the tools to change your life.

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