WOMANSTRONG COACH – Personal Training for Primal Women

696-womanstrong-personal-training-coralville-iowa-health-coachThis page provides information about YOUR COACH (Teresa Heitman, certified Primal Health Coach).


You’ve heard that losing weight is 80% food and 20% activity. Don’t get hung up on the numbers. What that means is that if you are obese, most of your habit changes will come from what you eat, but you also need to become more active. That doesn’t require a lot of gym time — or any, actually. In addition, how you sleep and handle stress can also affect your weight, fitness, and general health.


As a personal trainer at New Moon Fitness, I’ve found over the years that most clients want to make small adjustments to their lives, and over time, these small steps can improve health. I adjust my program to their lifestyles, helping them get the most they can from what they’re willing to change.

Some clients, however, want something more. I understand that. I want to serve that desire for change.

When I was obese and sedentary and couldn’t find the energy to play with my children, I wasn’t content to lose a little weight. I wanted more strength and abundant energy. I wanted a new body.

teresa personal training for primal women health coach coralville That kind of change takes more than adding an hour of exercise each week and cutting back on calories. That takes a lifestyle change.

From my experience, those who succeed in reaching their goal weight and maintaining it are following a Primal lifestyle: eating focused on fat and protein and exercising just enough to reap the benefits without injuries and degeneration. That includes me! I lost 80 pounds over two years on Primal and achieved additional fat loss in the next four years.

I’m over 50 years old now and post-menopausal, and I’m leaner and stronger now than I’ve ever been, while I’m exercising less than 2 hours a week.

Vegetarian, Vegan, to Carb Queen…

I have pursued habits for optimum health all my life. I tried various diets and exercise routines to see how they worked and felt. But even being aware and researching, it’s easy to take the wrong road. I did that several times. For me, the wrong roads included:

  • vegetarian for three years
  • vegan for six months
  • standard American diet (SAD) for years while seeking to control total calories and limit fat

I LOVED bread so much I made it from scratch several times a week and became a gourmet baker. I had blueprints to build my own brick oven when I stumbled over the Primal Blueprint — Mark Sisson’s blog about Primal (Paleo) living.


teresa-before-after-personal-training-coralville-iowa-health-coachI was heading toward diabetes like my twin sister, and I was getting fatter, so I read and researched more on how carbohydrates, particularly grain, was affecting me. What I discovered changed my life. I’m cynical about advice coming from those selling me products, whether it’s the government or a friend. That’s why I love Primal: it began as a grassroots movement that no one was cashing in on. Until now. Now, companies are packaging and labeling all kinds of things as “paleo,” “primal,” “caveman,” etc.

Cutting Through the Bullshit

Seriously. I like straight talk, so that’s what I give my clients.

WOMANSTRONG is for you if you would like to pursue a low-carbohydrate high-fat way of eating (LCHF, Paleo, Primal, Keto, or Carnivore) with coaching and/or personal training sessions focused on evolving into a leaner, stronger, more energetic woman.

I don’t listen to marketing gurus. I find their suggestions manipulative. I believe in straight talk. I’m not here to talk you into doing what you aren’t ready for. I’m here to help guide your choices and keep you accountable to your vision of radiant health when you are ready.

Are you ready to change your life?

I’m passionate about learning. I pursue continuing education in exercise science and nutrition. I believe solutions may be different for different people and at different times, so I investigate what’s new and base my training on peer-reviewed science.

I’ve experienced being obese and the discomfort and embarrassment it can cause. I’ve rebuilt my body after an emergency Cesarean birth with a follow-up surgery, a second Caesarean birth, knee and shoulder injuries, and ACL replacement surgery. I know our bodies sometimes betray us, but I also know they can heal and grow strong with consistent effort.