Your Kids Are Exercising Every Day — Why Aren’t You?

bigstock-Woman-with-her-personal-fitnes-41022586So you have finally gotten your kids off to school for the year.You feel pretty good that you’ve provided them with good classes and a variety of activities, right?

My daugther is in 6th grade at a public school, and my 5th grade son is homeschooling with me, so you can imagine the time devoted to both shuttling with before-and-after school activities (safety patrol, soccer, piano, chess club) AND developing curriculum daily (language arts, math, science, foreign language, PE). Along with work, friends, and home, what’s left in the tank or on the clock for my HEALTH?

Don’t be like that!

Don’t put your eating or your physical activities last! If you can’t plan them daily (like me), set aside 2 hours on Sunday evening or devote that hour while you’re at your daughter’s piano lesson to plan your week. Think about what you’re going to eat each day and where you can stick 30-60 minutes three times a week to exercise. Plan when you can get to the store and gym or when you can pop that DVD in at home.

There is literally a workout for EVERYONE no matter your exercise interest, amount of available time, or your physical ability. Start somewhere. Just start.

Fitness begins with strength training

Yes, you read that right. Here at NMF we won’t put you on a cardio machine. Cardio/aerobics work using bikes, treadmills, and running is supplementary. You must strength train for weight loss and health, especially as you age. Strength training IS cardio training. You cannot say the reverse. We say this especially to women.

We’re enrolling personal training clients seeking to get a safe push-start in a private studio setting. We also have small groups for those who may like the camaraderie and convenient pricing.

Your kids are exercising every day at recess and gym class. Why aren’t you?

Here’ are some routines you can do at home

Try these routines on the same day each week and see how you progress. Do the prescribed number of reps in each exercise in the routine and start over again until the time or the number of sets is complete. No breaks except as needed. If you stop, rest briefly and continue. Do quickly but with good form. Record your time. Do each routine on the same day the following week. Keep to these for a month and see how your time and comfort progress. If you find these aren’t challenging enough, double the sets and progress the exercise (a harder burpee or a harder sit up or a squat with weight).

If you’re unfamiliar with any technique, contact us or search the exercise library at ACE Fitness.


4 sets for time:
5 squats
10 push ups (toes or knees)
15 butterfly sit ups


5 sets for time:
3 burpees (choose your version of burpee) or 10 mountain climbers
10 squats


1 set for time
80 butterfly sit ups


For 7 min do as many reps as possible:
7 squats
7 butterfly sit ups


5 sets for time:
10 push ups
10 sit ups
10 squats

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