Muscle Makes You Smaller: Why Women Need Strength Training

When you compare the same amount of weight in muscle and in fat, muscle is 22% smaller. That is, if you’re fat and you build muscle without losing a pound, you will still be 22% smaller.

Despite website-after-website busting the myth of women “bulking up” from lifting, I still talk to women worrying they’ll get “big.” They’re already big…from fat. Strength training will make them smaller even if they don’t lose a pound.

Gaining size from engaging in body-building (i.e. high volume) work outs will only happen if you increase your carbs, and significant size will only happen if you have considerable (i.e. males or supplemental) testosterone.


Forget your worries about “bulking up” ladies. Pauline Nordin. Built like a beast. Weighs only 115 pounds.

Damn, but I wish I COULD pack on the size! I’m tiny, reminded of it more every day as I’ve dropped weight and gained strength through keto and strength training. This summer, I’m engaging in a 12-week body-building program — German Volume Training — and encouraging clients to join me. I’m hoping to get bigger shoulders and chest, but more likely, I’ll simply get even smaller.

The photograph posted above is Pauline Nordin, a woman I’ve idolized for years. She’s tough, no-nonsense, and strong. Look at those muscles! And she’s only 115 pounds. What does she do to get that way? All those traditional heavy lifts: deadlifts, squats, bench press — and she challenges herself regularly to INCREASE THE WEIGHT.

About Pauline: is the creator of the fat loss system Fighter Diet. Pauline was a coach for the Nordic version of “The Biggest Loser,” where she led her team to victory. She is also the star/creator of “The Butt Bible” by NBC/Universal, a workout video that will beat any backside into shape.

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